Drawing of person holding a lightbulb next to"Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowship Program"

About the Fellows Program

Discoveries in science and technology are moving quickly from basic research to real-world applications, sometimes with societal-scale impact. As scientists become increasingly involved in developing the applications of their work, they are encountering challenges that fall outside their expertise. We need a new kind of training that prepares scientists to confront the future ethical challenges of their fields, and that creates social scientists, philosophers, journalists, and policymakers who are able to work with scientists and diverse communities to ensure that the applications of scientific discoveries protect and advance fundamental human interests. The Kavli Center for Ethics, Science, and the Public (KCESP) aims to build a transdisciplinary community of research and learning that breaks down barriers between disciplines and across academia and society, to work together to envision the futures we want our scientific advances to create.  

The fellowship program is aimed at graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in the sciences, humanities, social sciences, and professional schools who are interested in exploring ethical challenges, advancing solutions, and identifying ways of involving impacted communities and the public in science and technology. Fellowships are awarded for up to two years with funding available to work and study in the center and be a part of a new kind of community. 

How to Apply

Fellowships are run on a cohort cycle. Look for the next call for applications for details on how to apply. While the application process may change, past application information can be found here.


Please direct any questions to KCESP-Fellowships@berkeley.edu