Stuart Russell to Participate in UC Berkeley AI lectures exploring possibilities, implications of ChatGPT

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Berkeley lectures on ChatGPT and the status and future of AI

March 10, 2023

Since its launch last November, the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has been an international sensation, with people using the platform to do everything from writing essays, computer code, poems and research proposals to planning vacations, flirting with Tinder matches and creating malware.

At a series of public lectures at Berkeley this spring, seven of the world’s leading experts on AI will address these questions head-on.

The series will feature Berkeley Ph.D. recipient John Schulman, a co-founder of OpenAI and the primary architect of ChatGPT, who on April 19 will discuss the program’s evolution.

The series begins March 20, and runs through April 28. More information about the lectures and how to attend are available here.

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