Johann Frick

Department of Philosophy

Johann Frick is a professor in the Department of Philosophy.  His main interests span a range of topics in moral and political philosophy, practical reason, and applied ethics. His current work focuses on population ethics, the ethics of risk, moral dilemmas and moral luck, the notion of interpersonal justification, and the ethics of immigration and national partiality. His publications include "Contractualism and Social Risk" (Philosophy & Public Affairs, 2015), "What We Owe to Hypocrites" (Philosophy & Public Affairs, 2016), "On the Survival of Humanity" (Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 2017), "National Partiality, Immigration, and the Problem of Double-Jeopardy" (Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, 2020) and "Conditional Reasons and the Procreation Asymmetry" (Philosopical Perspectives, 2020).